Home Automation System for a Smart Home

Smart home owners have smart homes.

Smart Home Owners Have Smart Home Devices

The most compelling argument for a smart house has nothing to do with how cool the technology is and how much easier smart home devices can make your day-to-day life. It’s actually this report from the National Energy Board of Canada about the rising cost of energy.

Home automation systems are the best thing you can do about those creeping bills. Customize how you use energy in real-time by your smart home devices so you’re never paying for what you don’t need when you're not home.

Let’s say you turned the heat up in your home last night and then slept through your alarm this morning. In your rush to get out the door, you forgot to turn the heat back down. Without a home automation system, you’d be overpaying for that extra heat all day. But if you had a smart home, you could regulate the hours in advance when you want to heat or you could log into your thermostat from your phone and reset the temperature. Easy and smart. 

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Start with the Smart Home Devices

If the idea of a smart home is appealing to you, it should be. Smart home technology is the future, and the future has arrived.


Remote Control Lights, Home Automation Systems, smart panel, and more.

While you’re checking the heat, you’d be wise to toggle over to your smart home security app to make sure you’re not wasting money on lights you left on in your mad dash out the door.

And if you did, smart home technology will let you turn them off from your phone as well. You can also use Alexa and ask “Alexa, tell Alarm.com to turn off my lights” and it’s lights out. Of course, any connected electronic device can be accessed with a smart home device loaded, even the ones you don’t necessarily think of first, like your pool heater.

And then you have the extras:

  • Set your smart home alarm remotely
  • Set up a doorbell alert that shows you a live feed from the camera embedded in your front door and lets you speak to any visitors or delivery people
  • Open and close your garage or unlock & lock your front door from anywhere
  • Raise and lower your blinds from anywhere too. This comes in particularly handy for saving energy on sunny winter days because the more sunlight you can let in, the less heat you’ll need
  • Open or close lights with a smart bulb, smart plug or smart lights

You can do all this with the right smart home devices and the right home automation system.

Laptop, smart phone, and smart watch displaying smart home information.

Look for the Z-Wave logo for your Home Automation System.

Z-Wave is a network capability built into everything that could be connected to a smart home device. You can (and should) read all about Z-Wave on their website because it’s genius. Essentially, the more Z-Wave-enabled appliances, electronics, smart lights, and accessories you have in your home, the stronger your network will be because each accessory acts as a signal repeater, and the smart panel acts as the main control board. That's the beauty of smart house integrations.

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Why Securitas Technology

Experts in Home Automation and Smart Plugs

Creating a Unified Ecosystem of smart plugs

As with any tailored solution, there is no “one size fits all” system. Customer requirements, home attributes, and assets can all change how our security experts will approach designing your security system. Whether your home has an existing security system with a smart panel already in place or you need to start from scratch with a smart house integration, our experts will work with you to ensure your needs are met and you have a fully integrated home automation system. It starts with smart monitoring and it can go up to smart light bulbs, smart outlets, smart lights, smart thermostats, and way more smart integrations to your security panel.

We’re Focused on Meeting Your Needs for Smart Home Automation

Finding the right product for your home requires an in-depth understanding of your living environment. Our security experts will work closely with you to learn your specific requirements for automation systems and will consider your needs for scalability, functionality, features, and any special requirements before proposing the most cost-effective solution.

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