ATM Machines

Securitas Technology strives to maintain an uptime percentage in excess of 99.8%, as we understand the importance of reliability and availability.

Commercial Electronic Security for ATM installation and ATM alarm systems

The company’s growth is in large part due to its leadership in full turnkey solutions where the ATM, technical service and vault cash management is provided and managed for its client base. Today, Securitas Technology has over 1,800 full-turnkey ATMs in the Canadian marketplace.

In 2006, our ATM Division executed an ATM Managed Services Agreement with a Financial Institution signaling the first bank-branded outsourced program to an independent ATM operator in Canada. We were tasked to manage the end-to-end operation of 350 ATMs. Since then, the company expanded the network of Financial Institutions installations to over 1,800 with 15 Full Function ATMs as well. We are leaders in ATM alarm systems and ATM installations across the country.

person inserting credit card into ATM machine

Why Choose Securitas Technology?

The combination of Securitas Technology’s financial stability, Canadian presence, and expertise in full-turnkey deployments has enabled the company to work with a set of diverse key national retailers. Our install base includes:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Shopping Centers
  • Retail Outlets
  • Casinos
  • Airports
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Exhibition sites
  • Sports Venues
  • and Hotels

Securitas Technology is a
National ATM Supplier

Our policy mandates that all ATMs deployed by our company are able to meet the specifications of ADA and PCI standards and conform to the needs of individuals with disabilities. Securitas Technology maintains head offices in Montreal, Quebec, and in Mississauga, Ontario, while maintaining sales and service offices in every major city across Canada, making Securitas Technology a true national ATM supplier in Canada.

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