Security System Automation

Use system automation to save time and increase business efficiencies and productivity.

Small Business Automation Offers Easy Solutions for Security and Productivity

As a small business owner or manager, you’re responsible for your people and always looking for ways to streamline and optimize your business practices. Concerns in these areas include high overhead expenses from heating, lights, and other utilities, security, and employee productivity. Interestingly, they’re all interrelated.

The temperature/productivity relationship is a good example. Consider a 2018 CareerBuilder Survey that found that nearly half of office employees report their work environment either too hot or too cold. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety maintains that “thermal comfort” is important for employee well-being, as improving the office building environment impacts the comfort of employees and can boost productivity.

Securitas Technology’s easy-to-use business automation solutions are here to help. With the Securitas Technology mobile app you can monitor access to your business and adjust systems settings from virtually anywhere, and use system automation to save time and increase business efficiencies and productivity, all year long in hot or cold environments.

Business Temperature Control and Temperature Monitoring app

Securitas Technology’s business temperature control solutions provide a quick fix to the office temperature wars. Temperature can be controlled remotely from your wireless device or optimized according to the time of day. This way you don't have to overheat when the office is closed and save big on heating costs. Control of indoor environments mean big savings for your business, happier employees and improved productivity.

Smart Security

Business Security Control Automation

According to Retail Council of Canada, employee theft costs Canadian businesses $1.4 billion per year and, across the country, over half a million cases of employee theft go undetected each year. Securitas Technology offers a range of smart security devices for your business, which can be automated according to a specific time or action. For example, cameras can be linked to door sensors in rooms where cash is stored, and set to automatically start a clip every time the door to that room opens. You will be notified every time someone enters, and have access to live video footage of all their movements. You can also receive notifications if your employees enter your business outside of normal working hours, or if they forget to set the alarm system.

Business Video Solutions

Smart Security Cameras

As for external threats, with Video Analytics, the leading platform for the smart connected property, smart cameras will activate automatically every time certain conditions are met, for example, every time someone approaches the door of your business. You can also automate exterior lights a highly effective deterrent for criminals trying to get in at night. In fact, a 2018 study showed that outdoor lighting decreases crime by 39%. Smart lights can be programmed to turn on or off automatically at certain times of day, and Z-wave light bulbs can be controlled by your phone and triggered when a door opens or an alarm goes off.

You can also keep an eye on who is coming and going using business smart devices such as a doorbell camera, which allows you to view delivery people at your ship dock and communicate with them by voice before opening the door. Door locks can be opened, and alarms armed, from your phone.

Why Securitas Technology?

The top name in security solutions for generations, Securitas Technology is recognized for meeting the highest industry standards and providing seamless 24/7 protection for your business. We know that vigilance and prevention are the best ways to ensure the security of your business. Securitas Technology is dedicated to our clients and always on call, with a national call centre, open 24/7 for any technical support needs. Our customized integration solutions help bring your security vision to life. 

Let Securitas Technology do the tough work of securing and automating your business so you can focus on building it.

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