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A Smart Thermostat Made for Comfort

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A Smart Thermostat Made for Comfort

Full integration.

That’s what makes our smart thermostat different. And that difference can help save our customers a lot of money.

With full access to every sensor in your home, it doesn’t have to learn your preferences because it knows them already. Your security sensors tell it when you’re home and when you’re out so it can adjust accordingly. 

A Smart Thermostat to schedule your comfort

Motion sensors placed strategically around your home and connected to your smart thermostat let you set specific rooms to specific temperatures. If you like your bedroom a touch cooler or your bathroom a touch warmer, you can make both happen easily. You can even set the temperature in specific rooms for specific times of day or night, or pre-set it for events like dinner parties where you may want your dining room slightly cooler to account for the extra body heat.

Enjoy a perfect “welcome home” every time

The geo-service on our smart thermostat is exciting. It can ascertain from your phone how far away you are from home and kick in automatically so your home feels just how you like it to feel when you arrive. At the same time, it will know when you’re out for the day based on your movements and location, and can automatically go into savings mode so you’re not spending money on energy you’re not using.

Prevent the spread of noxious gas

Our smart thermostat connects to your smoke and CO detectors, so it will automatically shut down in the event of a gas leak or fire. This will prevent the forced air from circulating the smoke or trace gasses around your home, minimizing their spread and mitigating their fatal effects.

Adjust automatically to Mother Nature

An interesting feature of our smart thermostat is how it can sense the weather outside and power up or down accordingly to save you money. It’s one less thing for you to think about and it keeps you from having to fiddle with indoor temperature on days with big thermic swings. Also, because of its compatibility with utility companies’ “demand response” initiatives, it could potentially lower your bills.

Save money. Lots of it.

Every feature of our smart thermostat has a money-saving component. Put together, they could represent a significant reduction in your monthly energy bill, which, over the course of a year, could translate into hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

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