Smart Thermostat Automation

Save on heating costs when you're not at home with our Z-Wave Thermostats.

Offset the cost of comfort with a smart WiFi thermostat.

A key element of the Securitas Technology home automation system is that a smart thermostat gives you full control over the power you use so you’re never wasting. The savings pay for those extreme January/July days and put extra money in your pocket every month. This kind of system is all linked to the same app where you already control your alarm system.

Smart thermostat for electric baseboards

Our smart thermostats for electric baseboards are very simple to replace and you could do it yourself and then synchronize them to your alarm system control application in just a few steps. By adjusting the temperature in your temperature control application, you can plan in advance for different temperature control depending on the time and day of the week.

Smart thermostat for heat pumps

We also have smart thermostats for heat pumps that will know how to tell your smart system when to activate the central or wall-mounted heat pump so that it heats or cools your home or establishment when necessary. Our smart heat pump thermostats act as temperature controllers to ensure your home temperature is always perfect!

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The advantages of smart WiFi thermostats at home

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