Monitoring Systems

Securitas Technology provides 24-hour monitoring across North America through our network of ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centers.

Intrusion Security System Monitoring

A security threat doesn’t always come from the outside. Employee theft affects morale and your bottom line. Often, just the presence of a state-of-the-art security system is enough to deter theft. When you trust your security system monitoring to Securitas Technology, you can be sure that any unauthorized access to your property can be swiftly identified and appropriately managed. From our many UL, ULC, and FM approved ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centers located across the U.S. and Canada, our highly trained personnel can remotely monitor your property and follow a clear, pre-determined action plan to inform both you and the appropriate authorities any time your system sends a signal.

In addition to monitoring standard alarm signals, Securitas Technology can also offer verified alarm solutions. After we implement video verification or Sonitrol audio verification technology, our team can see or hear what’s happening throughout your facility and confirm that an intrusion is in progress when they receive a signal. This reduces false alarms and ensures a priority police response. In fact, our Sonitrol audio-verified alarms are so effective that many potential intruders are apprehended before entering into the facilities that our alarms protect.
Monitoring, By the Numbers

Monitoring, By the Numbers


Our remote monitoring centers are fully-staffed 24/7


We work 365 days of the year to protect your business


Our remote monitoring suite includes over 10 services

How Security Monitoring Benefits Any Business

Alarm Monitoring Services

We Provide Remote Alarm Monitoring For:

  • Fire panel (ULC)
  • Temperature and other condition sensors
  • Video surveillance equipment
  • Access control systems
  • Duress/panic alarms
  • Elevator telephones
  • Intrusion systems
  • And more

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Managed Access Control

Our Managed Access Control service is an advanced web-based Securitas Technology managed access control service that lets you focus on your business while we perform all of the tasks of administering your access control system. Whether it is a single-location facility or multiple locations, Securitas Technology can manage all of your access control system requirements.

A cost-effective alternative to self-administered, software-based access control solutions, our Securitas Technology ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Center operators provide full maintenance, data entry, and administration of your access control system. We will provide management of your door lock schedules including holiday schedules, management of access cards and cardholder database, management of badge printing and cards, and assist with visitor entry. Customers can make changes by easily contacting Securitas Technology via email, phone, or fax.

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Access Control Management Online Portal

This flexible solution gives you control and information when you want it, while allowing you to focus on your customers and business when needed.

The Access Control Management portal provides:

  • Complete management of your access control needs by Securitas Technology’s Access Control Specialists
  • Management of your door lock schedules, including holiday schedules
  • Administration of your cardholder database, including Photo ID Badging
  • A secure web-based application, that eliminates the need for software
  • Online activity reports to keep you in the know
  • Integration with intrusion alarm databases for improved security and efficiency
  • 24-hour integrated Visitor Entry services

The Advantages of Our Remote Monitoring Suite

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A full suite of other Monitoring Options

In addition to intrusion alarm monitoring, video monitoring, and access control management, Securitas Technology also offers a full suite of other monitoring options, to help you protect your people, property, and assets.

Why Securitas Technology?

Experts in Remote Monitoring Solutions

A Full Remote Monitoring Suite

Our complete remote monitoring suite works to give you peace of mind so you can operate your business knowing that your people, property and assets are protected. We’ll meet the needs of your business with our scalable monitoring services, because we know that each organization has unique requirements when it comes to their security.

We’re Monitoring Around the Clock

Your business is your livelihood, so any security threat can also threaten your personal peace of mind. We understand that in order to make a security system most effective (for both security and your own comfort), 24/7 alarm monitoring is essential. Our monitoring centers are open around the clock, so that whenever a security threat occurs, our skilled professionals will be there.

A Team of Expert Professionals

Securitas Technology Customer Service Centers employ skilled security experts and provide them with the reliable equipment needed to effectively monitor all types of security systems. Each monitoring center is up-to-date on industry standards and staffed with a bilingual team. Our commitment to quality is just one of the reasons why we’re trusted by industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies and more.

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