Temperature Monitoring System

Whether it’s because certain assets must be stored at a specific temperature or to prevent pipes from bursting in winter, there are plenty of good reasons to install a temperature monitoring system.

Remotely Monitor the Temperature of Refrigerators

With our business security solutions, we can integrate devices to remotely monitor the ambient temperature in a room, the internal temperature of an appliance (e.g., a freezer), or humidity levels. Our qualified technicians install these devices according to the settings requested by the customer.

When the temperature drops below or rises above a certain point, an alarm is triggered, notifying a security agent at one of our two Canadian 24/7 remote monitoring centers. From there, we immediately relay all crucial information (i.e., the nature and location of the problem) to the end-user so the issue can be properly resolved.

Row of commercial-grade freezers in grocery store.

Freezer temperature monitoring - Refrigerator temperature control & alerts

With our temperature monitoring systems for business, get the right notification in case of unusual temperature variance. Protect your food or any other important element that needs to be kept at a specific temperature. Our temperature monitoring devices will track and alert you in case of an unusual temperature drop or temperature increase in your freezers or refrigerators. A temperature monitoring device is there to help you save food, meds or anything that needs to stay at a and specific temperature to be preserved.

Regulate and automate your business HVAC units

With all the seasons in Canada, we can go from one extreme to the other, and you won't necessarily think about adjusting your office temperature over time. A key element of the Securitas Technology business automation systems is the smart thermostats that will give you full control over the power you use so you’re never wasting any. This kind of system is all linked to the same app where you already control your alarm system and will allow you to save important dollars in electricity costs.

Smart thermostat information on phone screen. Man walks suitcase through airport.

Automate heating and A/C according to hours, days and season

Only use your heating or A/C when you have staff in the office and save important dollars during the weekends or at night when no one's in the building. With smart thermostats, you can lock the units or get notified if someone manually tries to modify the temperature you've already set. Be sure to have the perfect and cozy working environment you need at all times, 365 days a year, without even having to think about it!

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