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Improve your security to protect your business from theft and repeat burglaries.

Armed and Ready: Commercial Security Systems for Small Business

Of all the problems keeping small business owners awake at night, theft is near the top of the list. Burglaries are among the most common serious crimes, and small businesses are a popular target, often because their security systems and protocols aren’t adequate.

Given the financial and psychological consequences of theft, a commercial security system is a must. If you aren’t taking care of security, you aren’t taking care of your business. If you’re like too many Canadian small business owners, you’re making it too easy for thieves, from poor protocols for cash handling and key holding, to insufficient security that allows criminals to enter the premises undetected. Most break-ins are committed by amateurs without sophisticated tools and, unlike lightning, thieves often strike the same business twice!

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The hardware in a Securitas Technology system for business

Securitas Technology offers DSC and Qolsys commercial alarm systems. Each basic package includes a control panel with a keyboard (integrated or conventional), one siren, 2 or 3 door/window contacts, one motion detector and full control of your systems from a mobile app.

The vast majority of Securitas Technology’s products include an interactive application that will allow you to arm and disarm your security system remotely. Finally, you can sleep soundly, knowing your small business is protected!


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