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Water Damage is so Much More than a Messy Cleanup

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Water Damage is so Much More than a Messy Cleanup

Water damage costs roughly $250M per year in Canada and a basement flood can cost $43,000 on average to repair. Fire may be more overtly destructive, but water can cause just as much heartache in a home due to contamination from mold and deep structural deterioration that’s difficult and expensive to fix.

When thinking about home security, you need to consider the threats that come from inside your own walls. Water is constantly flowing through your house for use of sinks, toilets, dishwashers, showers, washing machines, and water heaters. Since the flow is consistent, if a leak occurs, nothing is stopping it from accumulating and spreading through your space. Not only will it warp your floors, rust metal, and rot wood, it will also move down along walls, bubbling the surface, weakening your structure, and introducing bacteria. A leak never stays contained to a single room.

Water is great for you until it’s not.

Flood water can be hazardous. The most common concern with water damage is actually the mould it creates. Depending on the type, it can range from harmless to toxic.

Mould caused by water leakage in the house can lead to difficulty breathing, fatigue, headaches, coughing, and sinus issues. You also have to watch out for infections. Breathing in the fungus can lead to problems in the lungs, and touching it may cause skin irritation.

The other thing to keep in mind is contaminated water that comes from water damage. As it flows through the house, it can pick up harmful material. Take particular care if flood water mixes with any sort of sewage as this can lead to disease and infect everything it touches.

What you can look out for to prevent water damage.

The trouble with water damage is that it works slowly and quietly. A small crack dripping steadily over months is not a dramatic issue; it’s not something that you notice. But it can slowly erode away the flooring or slip between cracks to accumulate in the space between. Meanwhile, as water drips through, it slowly wears away at everything to make the crack even larger. When it finally gives out entirely and bursts open, it’s too late.

Common sources of flooding include corroded water heaters, loose ice-maker connectors, cracks in a dishwasher hose, and uneven flappers in toilets. As a homeowner, we recommend equipping your home with a water leak detector system that will shut your water valve in case of a leak.

Fixing your house after water damage is a difficult process.

For this reason, we recommend a much more appealing alternative. Securitas Technology provides a system to stop small drips from becoming a big problem. Fill out the form on this page to find out more about our water leaks detection system and how you can deal with it easily.

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