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Improve Your Day-To-Day Operations with Business Video Analytics

Improve Your Day-To-Day Operations with Business Video Analytics

Intelligent video surveillance is a rising star in the business world right now.

These video analytics give cameras the power to identify people and objects, track movement, recognize actions or events taking place and ultimately respond to what they see based on your rules.

As well, the processing power and storage capacity increases in camera systems allow for new suites of functionality. AI-powered video analytics can be incorporated right into your surveillance system and lets you analyze what you monitor.

Using this technology, you can help your business in three main ways.

Reduce your security costs with business video analytics

Paying guards to protect assets or watch camera feeds all day adds up quickly. This technology reduces the need for a physical security presence and offers better accuracy in detecting people. Intelligent video surveillance also has intelligent features that can determine when a person is trespassing on a specified zone, and call attention to this matter in real-time.

And unlike paid security guards, cameras never get tired and can instantly act without fear. If a problem is spotted, it’s already reported. It’s improved security for less.

Video analytics helps you analyze your business to improve efficiency

All the footage captured throughout a day is raw data on your business, and cameras now have the processing power to turn that data into practical information. This gives you the ability to study your operation from new perspectives.

For example, studying the actions of individuals could improve workplace flow; modern security cameras can identify choke points by learning how people move.

You can also identify customer habits and track their experience with your business from entrance to exit. You could, for example, look at movement, crowd density, and wait times to identify weaknesses. You’ll be able to see how different target demographics shop and interact with your show floor, then measure what percentage ultimately makes a purchase.

Employees can also benefit from analytics. You’ll be able to recognize when and where they need more help on the floor. You can spot and mitigate recurring trends. You can even study customer interactions to determine best practices. Your old surveillance footage never needs to go to waste.


Manage potential risks with video analytics

Intelligent camera systems improve your ability to manage and operate your business remotely. Using an app on your phone or computer, you can receive notifications based on the data it collects such as incident reports.

Smart cameras can quickly identify emergencies and act accordingly. By telling the system what to do when it sees a specific problem, it can begin implementing a response as soon as it detects the issue. Video analysis can spot things like theft, violence, slipping hazards, fires, and more. You’ll find risks you may not have noticed until the next health and safety check.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, these systems have become popular for handling unique security challenges. Smart surveillance can measure factors like social distancing, room capacity and body temperature. Though this is not meant as a replacement for testing, it helps to responsibly monitor your business and assists in contact tracing.

If you think your business could benefit from advanced video surveillance, contact our security experts.


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