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Our first Outdoor WiFi Camera with bi-directional Audio

Our first Outdoor WiFi Camera with bi-directional Audio

As home security becomes a more pressing concern for homeowners, has launched its latest product to address these worries head-on. The ADC-V724 is Securitas Technology's first outdoor camera with Two-Way Audio, giving customers a new level of interaction and control over their property. With powerful Video Analytics, the camera can detect and alert customers to any activity around their homes or businesses. By combining these features with bi-directional Audio, the ADC-V724 empowers customers to deter unwanted visitors from their properties. The camera even boasts Onboard Recording with Smart View, allowing customers to locally record encrypted video onto a microSD (sold separately) and view the footage from anywhere. Keep reading to learn more about the features and benefits of this cutting-edge wireless doorbell camera.
The ADC-V724 wireless doorbell camera has features for increased security and peace of mind. Two-Way Audio allows for clear communication with visitors, and Video Analytics detects and alerts you to any activity around your property. The camera also has Onboard Recording with Smart View, providing locally recorded and encrypted footage that can be accessed anywhere. WiFi connectivity, HDR, and included Audio in recorded clips further enhance the camera's features. It is also easy to install with a stable mount and easy access to the microSD card.

The advantages of a camera with Bi-directional Audio

With built-in audio capabilities, homeowners can communicate with visitors before granting entry, making it much easier to identify and interact with unfamiliar faces, solicitors, or delivery personnel. Furthermore, visitors can provide more context about their visit before homeowners decide whether to open or unlock anything.

Additionally, Two-Way Audio empowers homeowners to deter unwanted activity on their property proactively.'s Video Analytics feature can alert users to any suspicious movements or unwanted visitors. With Two-Way Audio capabilities, users can communicate warnings or ask unwanted visitors to leave the area. They can even inform a suspect when the police will deter further illegal activities. This can effectively discourage unauthorized people or activities, keeping your home safe and secure at all times.

Two-Way Audio can also be convenient for homeowners who may not be physically present on their property. Alongside WiFi connectivity, the ADC-V724 camera enables users to communicate with visitors remotely, making it easier to monitor visitors or deliveries from afar. Sharing with visitors without needing to leave your home or have someone else physically watch your property can be a considerable advantage, especially for those with busy schedules or numerous visitors.
In summary, Two-Way Audio is a powerful addition to the ADC-V724 wireless doorbell camera, providing both convenience and increased security. With the ability to communicate with visitors in real-time, homeowners can interact with visitors more safely and proactively manage their home's security.


Bi-directional audio cameras is a big add-on to your regular security system

In this day and age, homeowners must invest in reliable security features that provide additional protection for their homes. The ADC-V724 wireless doorbell camera from brings the power of Two-Way Audio to outdoor surveillance, providing exceptional interaction and control. With Video Analytics, Onboard Recording, WiFi connectivity, and other valuable features, users will always be at the forefront of any activity around their property, providing them with excellent safety and peace of mind.

The ADC-V724 and other cameras like it are crucial tools in home security, providing clear and practical benefits that can help deter intruders, monitor visitors, and maintain control over your property. As criminals become more sophisticated and daring, these devices become more necessary.

In conclusion, the ADC-V724 wireless doorbell camera from and sold by Securitas Technology is a robust and reliable home security solution that offers crystal-clear image and sound quality on top of its numerous features. It's a must-have for any homeowner looking for an affordable and comprehensive security solution beyond just monitoring their property.

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