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Monitor Your Home with an IP Camera

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Monitor Your Home with an IP Camera
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Whether you’re checking who’s at the door, discouraging would-be thieves or figuring out what’s digging through your garden at night, you’ll put an IP camera system to good use around your home. The ability to monitor your property while safely inside or miles away provides peace of mind unmatched by other home security devices.

But what is an IP camera and why might you want it over a classic CCTV camera system?

IP cameras VS. CCTV cameras

You’re probably most familiar with CCTV cameras in businesses - monitoring a parking lot, overlook-ing cash registers or quietly watching over as you shop. IP cameras can be used in the same way but with improved technology.

The biggest difference is that CCTV is made up of a circuit of power and network cables running be-tween each camera then back to a central hub. IP cameras don’t require this complex wiring. Video is streamed digitally through an IP network and the system uses power from its ethernet connection, eliminating the need for cables.

Besides the inconvenience of running wires, a CCTV system poses restrictions on both the number of cameras that can be added and the size of the area they can be placed within. Depending on the property, this could lead to blind spots or the need for an additional hub. IP cameras have no limits on the number that can be added to the network and are easy to place almost anywhere thanks to their ability to send their recordings wirelessly.

Improving your home surveillance with IP cameras

IP cameras can be cheaper than CCTV camera systems, and like any technology, they’ve continued to drop in price, making them increasingly affordable for residential use. Also, remember that higher resolution allows you to use fewer cameras to cover the same space and you won’t need to install cables throughout your house.

Like other home surveillance systems, linking your IP cameras to your phone will give you even more options. Remote access to your system at any time will allow you to check on your house even when you’re not home, and cloud-based storage will eliminate the need for a local hub station. Lastly, IP cameras are great for analyzing footage since they can mark specific moments throughout the recording based on what you’re trying to find.


An IP camera is a good versatile option for a household

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