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Glass Break Detector: Prevent The Break-In

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Glass Break Detector: Prevent The Break-In

The most fragile place in a home is always going to be the place where burglars will try to exploit for a break-in. That is just the Law of Least Effort: why spend hours trying to pry open the front door, if you can just throw a rock at the window and get in right away? Worse still for the home owners, by the time the motion sensors inside detect the intruders and the alarm is set off, a lot of damage can be done.
That is why the most modern home security systems will have glass break detectors integrated with all of the other equipment. It’s often an overlooked element of home security, but very critical nonetheless. It’s not just another layer of protection on top of all the other measures: it’s an actual security system that will act as a first barrier against intruders. In this article, let’s talk more about glass break sensors, and how they can be crucial in keeping you and yours safe.

What is a glass break sensor?

As the name implies, a glass break sensor – or detector – is a piece of technology that will send a signal that the glass is broken, and start sounding an alarm. It’s not so different from motion sensors in that regard, as something needs to trigger the device in order for the alarm to go off. In this case, if a glass breaks. Naturally, windows are where you want to install the glass break detectors, but they can also be used on doors with glass panels. 

How do glass break detectors they work?

But now, how does a glass break sensor work, you might be wondering? Well, the devices have very sensitive audio microphones that are set to recognize the sound frequency of a glass break – when the window is broken, the glass will make a particular sound that the detector will pick up immediately. That is a very good feature for a home security sensor, as people wanting to break in will trigger the alarm without ever stepping inside of the house. The sensor will go off as quickly as the sound waves hit the microphone in the device when the system is armed. That means that if you’re inside the house and break a glass of water on the ground, the alarm won’t go off, because the system already knows that you’re inside. 

Where To Install Glass Break Sensors

So, now that we know that the sound of broken glass will trigger the sensor, we can just have them set up where the glass is. Because they work with a microphone, having just one covering a room with multiple windows will work. If the room has a lot of windows all around it, place the sensor in the middle of the room. If only a single wall has glass windows, place the detector there. Easy.
The most modern ones can pick up the sound to 25 feet, and detect multiple frequencies for many different kinds of glasses (plate, tempered, wired, coated, etc.). Most of them use batteries, so even with the power out, you can still rely on them. The good news is, by default, our smart security panels already have glass break sensors integrated into them!

Equip your home with a glass break detector technology today

Is the glass break sensor worth using? Yes. They can be an integral part of making your home safer and your home security sound. It’s another layer of protection for some of the most vulnerable parts of any house. You should look them up if you don’t have glass break sensors already. 

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