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Leveraging remote services for operational efficiency

Leveraging remote services for operational efficiency

For many enterprise businesses, the level of IT knowledge, expertise, and resources required to manage solutions is a roadblock to fully leveraging a fully integrated security program. What’s at risk is not just missing out on operational efficiencies, but the overall integrity of your safety and security infrastructure. Consider the following question:

What would it mean to your business or business continuity to have immediate remote support to triage priority 1 service calls and potentially solve the issue without the time and cost of rolling a service truck?

Remotely managed services can provide the kind of support that can transform your security program.

Here are six questions to see if remote services are right for you:

  1. Who currently programs your systems?

  2. How do you manage the health checks of your security ecosystems?

  3. Does your IT team have knowledge, bandwidth and ability to support third party IT solutions at planning, launch, and operation phases?

  4. What is your process when upgrading or updating your security systems to the latest software versions?

  5. What is your current process for gaining support to re-establish full system operation after an outage?

  6. Do you have any compliance or system operational requirements that would benefit from uptime reporting?

When evaluating if remote services are the right move for your business, it’s most important to remember not just to ask yourself why to do it, but what is at risk if you do not.

Having a team of experts to perform complicated high-level projects on an as need basis can help ensure that systems are maintained and function properly. Securitas Technology is uniquely positioned with the specialty group with the level of expertise, years of experience and knowledge base to truly come alongside you to make a safer world.


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