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Secure your facility and create a safer, healthier environment for your employees.

Reimagining Security in Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

We provide a range of security systems that help secure manufacturing and industrial facilities and ensure the well-being of your staff. Our expert team at Securitas Technology will work with you to create a tailored solution to help you safeguard staff and secure vital assets 24/7, without compromising on operational efficiency.


Security Challenges Manufacturers Face

Each part of the supply chain is presented with a set of unique challenges. This is largely because manufacturing and logistics sites can consist of single or multiple buildings, like factories, warehouses, and depots. They can also be filled with valuable stock and equipment, and multiple vehicles, including the storage of fuel that those vehicles use. Then there are, of course, the staff you need to protect.

Why Securitas Technology?

Experts in Manufacturing & Logistics Security

Going Beyond Security

“Security” has evolved to mean so much more than physical safety - it now includes the health of your employees and visitors. The workers at our manufacturing facilities are essential to making our world progress, so their health is a top priority. Securitas Technology is examining the specific health obstacles faced by manufacturers, from busy shift changes to proximity on the assembly line, and working toward innovative solutions.

Collaborating With Industry Leaders

Our security experts at Securitas Technology not only bring decades of combined experience in designing systems for manufacturing facilities, but they also bring a deep appreciation of what collaboration means. We build long-lasting partnerships with our customers, including many CAT dealerships, so that we truly understand your industry-specific needs.

Focusing on Meeting Your Needs

Finding the right product for your facility requires an in-depth understanding of the needs of your facility. Our security experts will work closely with you to learn your specific requirements and will consider your needs for scalability, functionality, features and any special requirements before proposing the most cost-effective solution. 

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