Data Centres

Secure your network, both online and off. 

Keeping Your Data Safe

Advances in technology, combined with the global nature of data centres, bring the need for a flexible, standardised system that fulfils the requirements of today and foresees the problems of tomorrow. Every factor of a data centre security system, from the network to the physical infrastructure, must be accounted for, which is where our team of skilled experts comes in. We blend global and local expertise in design, engineering and project management to give you the confidence that your data centre system is delivered on-time and on-target. We’re trusted by some of the most risk-adverse and technologically advanced organisations in the world for a reason - our team consistently matches the flexibility, scale and speed of services required by our data centre partners. 


Security Challenges Data Centres Face

As the protectors of our information, data centres face both physical and cyber challenges. Fire damage, compliance regulations and intruders - both online and in person - are just some of the obstacles a Securitas Technology system can help you overcome.


Our Specialised Support

With a presence in 60 countries, our data centre project delivery capability spans the globe. We design to global standards while ensuring local compliance and best practice, including with labour laws. We specialise in supporting our data centre clients with the following: 

  • Technical Audits
  • BIM/CAD Security System Design & Programming
  • Project Management
  • System Installation
  • Witness Testing
  • System Sign-Off & Commissioning
  • Performance Management 
Why Securitas Technology?

Experts in Data Centre Security

Our Focus on Data Centres

Securitas Technology offers a dedicated, experienced team of experts who specialise in data centre security systems and are Certified Security Project Managers. With this focus and understanding of data centre-specific needs, our team plays a vital role in safeguarding your data centre, ensuring maximum uptime for your existing facilities and on-time delivery of new projects.

Our Certifications and Successes

We not only bring the expertise of over 1,000 data centre security experts - Securitas Technology is also the first security company to achieve BIM Level 2 Certification in Europe. Our ability to deliver, on-time and on-target, is trusted by some of the most technologically-advanced organisations in the world. 

One Global Ecosystem

A standardised system enables you to upgrade security equipment and practices across globally-dispersed sites, an ability that grows increasingly important as threats to data centre operations evolve. Increase the efficiency of upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting to your system across your global sites with a truly standardised system. 

Our Successes

Our Key Data Centre Triumphs


megawatts in completed global transactions


The number of months we’ve reduced global upgrade rollout time by


Greenfield Projects we’ve completed across Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific

De-Risking the Supply Chain

When it comes to your data centre, you can’t risk unexpected gaps in the supply chain or unforeseen risks such as end-of-life products. We understand the value of looking to the future, which is why our expertise encompasses demand forecast. By partnering with Securitas Technology, our clients benefit from a resilient global supply chain with advanced stock levels of critical spares held in each region. Our status as a Value-Added Reseller means that we have established relationships with equipment suppliers and technology vendors, which we leverage to help our data centre clients manage their projects’ supply chain risks.

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