CCTV Monitoring

Access 24/7 security coverage and outsourced security services with CCTV Monitoring as part of our Monitored Security suite.

CCTV Monitoring: For Safer and More Efficient Business Security

As part of our Monitored Security service, CCTV Monitoring connects your CCTV & Video Surveillance to our Alarm Response Centres. Giving you peace of mind that your business is being protected 24/7 by an entire team of security experts.

Watching CCTV Surveillance Devices And Alarm Detector System
Key Feature

Visually Verified Alarms

The police will only respond to a confirmed alarm from an Alarm Response Centre, and visual verification counts as a method of confirmation*. Linking your CCTV cameras to your intruder system will allow our monitoring operators to confirm if a crime is being committed on your premises with both live and recorded footage.

*your system will also need a Unique Reference Number (URN) assigned by local authorities.

Remote options

Outsourced Security Services

There are many possibilities when you combine your CCTV & Video Surveillance system with CCTV Monitoring. Many of the duties once carried out by on-site guards can now be done more efficiently by a monitored security provider. These include Remote Guard Tours and Remote Access Control.


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Advantages of CCTV Monitoring Services

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