Security 101

The ABCs of Business Security

Your organization’s priority is to keep your employees safe, healthy, and productive. As your organization evolves, the ways you look after your people and assets need to evolve as well. Today’s organizations of all sizes must juggle needs like:

  • Managing security systems remotely 
  • Protecting your people from cyber threats no matter where they are
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment in a ever-changing, post-pandemic world

To make the most of your security initiatives, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of relevant technologies, systems, and their capabilities. This post covers:

  • What business security is
  • Its value to your organization
  • The definitions of common business security terms and solutions

Keep reading for valuable insight into the different facets of security and industry-specific terminology. 

What is business security?

It’s the infrastructure, technologies, and strategies organizations like yours require to:

Some examples of business security systems are:

Organizations rely on security technology like business surveillance cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors, and communication systems for their security initiatives. 

Why are business security systems important?

You may already have devices like alarm systems and locks in place.  However, do you have contingency plans for disasters like explosions or fires? Can your surveillance systems catch criminals wearing face masks? Do you have touchless doors to help stop the spread of contagions like the coronavirus? You need to integrate the right policies, procedures, and technologies to ensure your employees are safe and healthy.

Secondly, your organization may manage millions or even billions of dollars in assets. You’re maintaining critical and confidential information for your employees and your customers. Security lapses can result in reputational damage and lost revenue. Developing a business security plan will help you minimize risk and stay ahead of threats. 

Customize A Security Solution for Your Business:

Business Security definitions from A-Z 

The following are terminology definitions of core concepts in security.

Empowering Organizations to Stay Safe and Productive

Organizational security requires a holistic approach, from its facilities to its employees to its networks. Beyond tools, it involves specific techniques and approaches. Once you have the knowledge, strategies, and systems, you’ll be able to execute a well-rounded security program. 

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