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Taking on tomorrow, together

Cutting-edge security technologies to inspire security innovation

By sharpening our focus on emerging technology and innovation, we’re pioneering the future of security. 

It’s why we exist; to help make your world a safer place and empower your organization to progress, build resilience, and maximize value from your investment in security technology. With decades of industry knowledge under our belts, discover how we’re combining people, knowledge, and technology to drive innovation - so you can take on tomorrow.

Our Strategy

How we're driving security tech innovation, and what this means for you 

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Client Engagement Center

Dedicated spaces to see our security technologies for yourself

Our Client Engagement Centers offer a hands-on experience that allows clients to see, feel, and interact with our wide range of integrated security technologies.

Whether you’re searching for a specific system or exploring state-of-the-art solutions, our experts will help guide you through featured products and open your eyes to what’s possible for protecting your organization.

Technology Evaluation Lab

Evaluating tech to create confidence for clients

At our Technology Evaluation Labs, we research, test, and assess the technologies of the future to help build certainty in your electronic security choices.

Managed by a team of technology and innovation expertsthe Labs are used to review new security technology, compare products, and evaluate how they perform in differing environments - helping clients to understand the full potential of their security technology solutions, prior to implementation.

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Innovation Starts with Our People

It’s a potent combination of technology and human skill that produces reassurance and results for our clients. We’re proud to employ people of all backgrounds and disciplines who have competence in electronics, artificial intelligence, big data, SaaS solutions and more, helping us pave the way for the future of security technology. 

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