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Introducing SecureStat HQ™

Take the confusion and hassle out of security management. SecureStat HQ™ is an intuitive digital security management platform that empowers clients to view, measure and control their entire security program smarter, faster and from anywhere. Available on the web and through a secure mobile application. SecureStat HQ™ helps to give seamless control over security operations. 

Clients can use SecureStat HQ™ to make important account changes, request service, view events, receive customized reports and more through a single dashboard on  our web application and mobile app. 

SecureStat HQ™ offers a dynamic ecosystem that leverages rich data through connected devices and security management software to bring more clarity and control. 

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SecureStat HQ™

If you are a SecureStat HQ™ client, log in here:

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If you are a Securitas Electronic Security client, LOG IN to SecureStat™ here: 


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Why SecureStat HQ™?

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Why SecureStat HQ™?


  • Manage location details and security procedures. 
  • Test systems, check status, and maintain schedules. 
  • Receive and manage real time system alerts. 
  • Find the information you need with ease using the global search function. 
Why SecureStat HQ™?


  • Quickly view and respond to alarm events. 
  • Flexible and robust location tagging capabilities. 
  • Conveniently create and manage service tickets. 
  • Easily create subscription reports. 
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Why SecureStat HQ™?

From Anywhere 

  • Accessible through the web client or our secure mobile application. 
  • Make changes remotely. 
  • Access critical alarm activity or control your security alarm system on the go. 
  • Receive push notifications. 

Additional SecureStat HQ™ enhanced services*

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SecureStat Alarm

Remotely control your alarm system on your mobile device. 

Accessing door with Securitas Flow application

SecureStat Access

Remotely manage your access control system via your mobile device.

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SecureStat Video

View live and recorded video through SecureStat HQ platform. 

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SecureStat All-Clear®

Revolutionized open-close solution. 

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Mobile emergency panic monitoring with two-way push communications.

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SecureStat 360®

Technology life cycle management for your security assets.

*Additional Enahnced services only available with SecureStat HQ™ Advance or Premium


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