Securitas Technology Guarantees

Are you moving? You could get a new system for free*

Securitas Technology is keen to maintain the trust of its clients

If you move during the period covered by your contract, Securitas Technology offers you:
- The installation of a new basic system following a move (a maximum move per period of 3 years, and after 12 months of the initial contract).
- If the move is made during the first 12 months of the initial contract, a fee of $ 300 will be applied and a new basic system will be installed.
- Any additional equipment required that is not included in our basic moving offer (1 control panel, 2 door contacts, 1 motion detector, 1 smoke detector) could be offered at a special rate (depending on promotions at this specific time).
- Fees are applicable for the moving of the cameras as well as the elements of home automation.
Insurance premium reimbursed

Securitas Technology certifies the performance of its systems*

We certify that our systems deter and/or limit intrusions and we are committed to reimbursing theft insurance premiums for our clients, up to $250, should a burglary occur in a home where one of our alarm systems has been installed and is disarmed. This premium reimbursement will be increased to $500 if the system was armed at the time of the intrusion.
The client must be able to provide proof of current insurance coverage, a copy of the premium, proof of insurance payment and the police report. For the $500 reimbursement, we must have information of an intrusion alarm received at our monitoring central station. Applies to residential clients only. Some restrictions may apply.

Job loss protection*

Securitas Technology is committed to the peace of mind of its clients
Should you lose your job, we allow you to suspend billing for your current service without penalty. A written notification of your situation must be provided within thirty (30) days of the job loss.
The client must be able to provide an official document to prove a job loss. Billing cannot be put on hold for more than 12 consecutive months.

*Applies to residential clients only. Some restrictions may apply to all these guarantees.

Securitas Technology licenses

Securitas Technology Corporation (f/k/a Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc.) License Information  (as of 15-03-2024): AK 208691; 2176347: AL 888, 600, 1278, 1322; 1472, Complaints may be directed to Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure, 7956 Vaughn Rd., Montgomery, AL 36116 (334) 264-9388;  AR 032977; CMPY.0001911, Regulated by Arkansas Bd of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies, #1 State Police Plaza Dr, Little Rock, AR 72209 (501) 618-8600: AZ ROC204975: CA 848019 - C10; CT ELC.0184651-L5: DE 04-158; FAL-0001, FEL, CSRSL-0073: FL EF20001345:  GA 0439701: HI 36390;  IA AS-2404: ID 015830; 022726-AA-4:  IL 127001274: KY 961 (Louisville): LA F2655, F2656, F 2657; 61931: MD 22PLU-SS18052; MA 12737A: MI A-1125, 5103457, 3601207680: MN TS001238: MS 19207-SC; 15024172: MT FPL-BEL-000132: NC 23471-SP-FA/LV; 1839-CSA, Alarm Systems Licensing Bd., 3101 Industrial Drive, Ste 104, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919)788-5320;  ND: 35031 Class C Contractor – contract limit not to exceed $300,000 NJ 1074485; P01632; Burglar Alarm Business Lic. # 34BX00022000;  NH 0424-C; NV 0071024; F401 E350; NY 12000369680, Licensed by NYS Dept. of State OH 53-89-1512:  PA 032736:  OK AC953 : OR 161567: RI 9448A; AC003296 SC FAC3387; BAC5501 TN 1180; 1448; 1650; 1446; 2026:  TX B02140;  ACR2639; ECR1821: UT 5704068-6501: VA 2705087235 A;11-5481: WA SECURTC772D1 WV 045298 WY LV-G-23879
STANLEY Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. (n/k/a Securitas Technology Corporation) _ License Information (as of 15-03-2024):  AL 48682: CA  LCO5911; ACO6055, Alarm company operators are licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento, CA 95814: MD 259: NJ 659423   NM  374554
AlarmCap and Microtec – License Information (as of 15-03-2024):
AB 350938, direct seller; ON 261028179, master business license; QC 8323-1670-44, RBQ; QC SE20006643, Security (AlarmCap and Microtec); QC 118642, Itinerant Dealers; SK 508282, direct seller
Securitas Technology Canada Corporation – License information (as of 15-03-2024)
BC B6925; QC 5716-6076-01 RBQ; SE 20029090/SER 20029090/ SC 20029090 Security, Locksmith, Security Consulting