Safeguard Your Assets


It’s more than just safeguarding assets. The rise of new technologies are providing highly optimised solutions that drive cost efficiencies.

How to improve your asset efficiency, safety, and security

From manufacturing to point of sale, assets, such as machinery, vehicles, and inventory, power business progress.


Prevent intruders by protecting your perimeter with integrated intruder and video surveillance systems that can be monitored or fully managed remotely.


Minimise disruption to your operations by improving the flow of people and vehicles on your site. Long-range card readers and vehicle plate recognition can help keep unwanted vehicles far away from your gate. 

Infrastructure & Utilities

Manage access to your entire estate from a single location. Replace access cards that can be easily cloned or stolen, with biometric and smartphone readers.


Inform par levels, staff appropriately during busy hours, and prevent loss with insights from Electronic Article Surveillance systems. Get all that intelligence and make your business safer and efficient through one simple app, with Securitas Technology Interactive Smart Business Security.

The Securitas Technology ecosystem integrates health, safety, and security hardware and software solutions, so you can cohesively Protect Your People, Safeguard Your Assets, Secure Your Networks, and Manage Your Operations. 

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