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Personal and Work Safety

Help your employees and staff feel safer in the workplace.

A Proactive Approach to Your Safety at Work

Personal safety is a top priority in any environment - from large educational campuses to retail stores, your employees, staff or students need to feel safe and have a convenient way to request help in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, your security team deserves best-in-class technology to help them do their job more efficiently.

Securitas Technology has developed a comprehensive suite of security solutions for Personal and Work Safety in Securitas Personal Safety: the Personal Safety app, the Security Response app and the Command Center dashboard.

Securitas Personal Safety offers a scalable personal safety solution based on your facility’s needs so your employees can feel confident that they’re safe in their workplace. 

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Remote Personal Safety

Navigating Personal Safety When the Workplace is Remote

Though your workplace is evolving and incorporating remote work-from-home, personal and work safety remains as high of a priority as ever. It’s simply not enough to be reactionary - you must take a proactive approach to helping ensure the safety of your employees, whether on-site or remote. Securitas Technology can help you create a system that adapts to the changing needs of your business as you navigate remote working.

Personal Safety App

Provide Your Employees With Peace of Mind

The Securitas Personal Safety app offers versatile safety features for your employees. Whether the individual is working alone, operating in a high-risk environment or is in an area or situation where they feel unsafe, the Securitas Personal Safety app quickly and conveniently provides safety and peace of mind.

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Security Response App

Provide Your Security Team With the Tools They Need

The Securitas Personal Safety Response app enables your on-site security teams to respond to the safety needs of your employees. The app quickly dispatches your security officers based on alerts sent from the Personal Safety app. Officers can request backup through the Security Response app, as all as use a checklist feature to help ensure they’re covering all security points across your location.

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Command Center

One Centralised Dashboard

The Securitas Personal Safety Command Center is a web-based dashboard that can be used to manage employee safety across your entire building or campus. You can deploy your security team members based on location or skillset through the dashboard, which also enables task management by your security team. Communication is key in a security situation, so the Command Center also works as a hub for mobile mass notification. After an incident occurs, use the dashboard to generate reports for clarity and transparency.

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The Advantages of a Personal & Work Safety System

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Alarm Profiles

Situation-Based Alarm Approaches

We understand that the situations you may find yourself in are unique, and therefore require different approaches to raising an alarm. 

  • Basic - after the second shake, the phone will go into maximum alarm mode with strobe lighting
  • Deterrent - an alarm that makes it very obvious to anyone looking at the phone that an alert has been raised
  • Stealth - a subtle alarm for when you might not want anyone to know that an alarm has been triggered
Further Functionality

Additional Features of Securitas Personal Safety

  • Meeting alarm feature - when entering situations with a risk factor (such as a blind date or working along on a rooftop), enter notes about and the duration of the meeting, which will be seen by our alarm response center if an alert is triggered 
  • Man-down functionality - if there is no movement from the employee’s device upon activation, or their device detects another dangerous situation (such as a free-fall motion or a car crash), the app will automatically send for help 
  • Duress codes - a duress code can be entered in emergency situations, where the app will appear to close but in actuality send for help 
  • Customization - your employees can control how alerts are activated, and they can also choose to enable their phones to emit loud alarm tones with strobe lighting to draw attention

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Why Securitas Technology?

Experts in Personal & Work Safety

A Scalable and Customizable Solution

Whether you want your employees’ alerts to be monitored by our professional monitoring centers or you have your own security team, or want to offer Securitas Personal Safety as a company-wide benefit or have employees purchase it themselves, flexibility is key to an efficient system. Securitas Technology will work with you to create a system that works for your business to help you bring better safety to your employees. 

Helping Your Team Work Effectively

Securitas Technology is committed to providing your security team the tools they need to work effectively - after all, the safety of your employees depends on the efficacy of your security. We developed our Personal & Work Safety solutions to be as helpful as possible to your security personnel, from helping them manage tasks to using Geo-Fencing to assign defined areas to improve coverage of your entire site. 

Giving Your Employees Confidence in Their Safety

There are many situations in which your employees may find themselves alone or in a potentially dangerous situation, including working alone in a hazardous environment or visiting combative patients at their home. Whatever the situation, Securitas Personal Safety provides your employees with a direct line to help if the need ever arises, giving them confidence that their safety is being looked after. 


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