Thermal Temperature Screening

Monitor the health of staff and visitors with quick temperature screenings.

Proactive Screening for Your Business

Security at your business has come to mean so much more than physical safety; it now includes the health of your employees and visitors. Mitigating the risk of exposure to viruses and other illnesses is essential to any organization - which is where Securitas Technology comes in. Our advanced thermal temperature screening systems provide a range of solutions to help you protect the health of your people. 

How It Works

The Screening Process


approximately 30% of the subject’s face must fill the field of view


depending on your device, the subject typically must be 4-12 feet from the thermal camera


the location of the scans should be in a controlled environment

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Industries & Thermal Imaging

Thermal Temperature Screening in Your Industry

  • Manufacturing & Logistics - protect your employees and product by utilizing thermal cameras for your manufacturing or warehouse facility 
  • Healthcare - screen patients and visitors to help provide the best timely care possible and avoid the potential of cross-contamination
  • Transportation - see thermal imaging at airport choke-points, depot stations and other transportation facilities
  • Education - help protect your students and staff from illness and provide an extra layer of security to your building 

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COVID-19 & Thermal Imaging

Helping to Mitigate the Risk of Exposure

Organizations today are operating under intense pressures as they work to implement and maintain effective safety policies for the screening of employees and visitors who are returning to the workplace. With this urgency mounting, businesses worldwide are turning to innovative technologies to enhance screening practices and security protocols - including Securitas Technology’s thermal temperature screening solution. Though thermal imaging technology has been available for some time, its popularity rose due to COVID-19. Our proactive solution can not only help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 exposure in your workplace today, but also serve a broader purpose in the future as your business re-evaluates your access control, visitor management and other advanced screening solutions.  

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The Advantages of Thermal Temperature Screening

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Why Securitas Technology?

Experts in Thermal Temperature Screening

Our Team of Experienced Technicians

Our experienced security technicians will take the pressure of installation and configuration out of your hands. We can integrate your thermal temperature screening solution with all of the elements - which may include cameras, reference heat source, software and more - needed to get your system up and running as quickly as possible. 

Expertise in Myriad Industries

STANLEY Security is proud of our ability to provide thermal temperature screening solutions across multiple industries. We have the expertise to install thermal temperature screening systems in warehouses, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, educational buildings and campuses, retail stores and more.

Today’s Solutions Working for Tomorrow

We help you find solutions to today’s challenges, but we’re also focused on the future. We develop our systems with a broader purpose in mind - we’ll help you install a thermal temperature screening solution to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 exposure today, while also helping you integrate your new system into your long-term security strategy. 


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