Visitor Management Systems

Visitor Management Systems: Benefits You May Not Know About

Visitor Management Systems: Benefits You May Not Know About

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to their security systems to reinforce business policies – from updating their access control systems to reflect threat mitigation policies to leveraging their visitor management systems to complement visitor policies.

In this blog post, you’ll learn more about the latter and some of the many benefits an electronic visitor management system can offer your business now and in the future.

Electronic Logbooks

Electronic logbooks have many advantages over pen and paper logs. The primary benefit is that they are easily searchable. Searching for a person in a year of paper logs could take hours – versus a few seconds in your software. This searchable data also can provide information about how often they visit, who they visit and how long they visit.

Visitor Screening

Visitor management systems can be used as part of an additional screening approach, allowing organizations to gain further insights into those individuals accessing their property. For example, in a previous blog post, we offered some questions organizations can add to their systems as they mitigate health, safety and security risks related to COVID-19.

ID Scanning

An ID scanner + a visitor management system = a powerful combination. The scanning of the ID can speed the registration process by filling in the demographic data automatically. It can also reduce duplicate records caused by data entry errors.


Employees who are expecting a visitor can pre-register them in the system and be notified when they arrive. The pre-registration process can also be used to ensure the visitor is allowed on-premise, by comparing his/her name against a prohibited visitor list.

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Checking In and Out

A visitor management system can be used as a tool to accurately track how many visitors are on-site at a given time. It can also alert your staff if a visitor has not checked out within a prescribed amount of time.

Printed Visitor Badges

After the check-in process is complete, a temporary badge can be printed for the visitor. These temporary badges could be used to quickly identify where this person is allowed and whether they need an escort. Color-coded systems for different classifications of visitors could also be implemented.

Contractor Access Management

Using a system to track occasional and permanent contractors can be helpful to ensure they’re working in the proper areas and accessing those areas at the appropriate times.

Access Control Integration

If the visitor requires an access card during his/her visit, one can be issued from the visitor management system – complete with the proper privileges configured in the access control software. The level of access and when it expires can be established based on your visitor policy and requirements for the specific visitor.


The acknowledgment of local rules and registration or the signing of a wavier can be implemented as a part of a visitor management system. This information can be easily searched if an event requires you to produce the related documentation.

Multi-site Support

A visitor management system is also useful in multisite organizations. It provides a single consistent solution that all sites and all visitors follow. It also provides all the benefits of convenience, compliance and visibility across the entire organization.

The use of visitor management solutions has advantages well beyond simply recording who enters your facility.  These systems can provide an initial professional impression on visitors and provide a defined process based on your visitor policy.

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