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How Can Your Business Benefit From an Integrated Security System?

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How Can Your Business Benefit From an Integrated Security System?

Your business is better when all your workflows are well-planned, adaptable, and easy to manage. Why should your security be any different?

Discover the key benefits of an intuitive and fully Integrated Security System.

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In this article we’ll cover: 

  • The growing need for integrated and centralised security management
  • How do Integrated Security Systems work?
  • What are the benefits of an Integrated Security System?
  • What isrequired to achieve your own Integrated Security System?

The growing need for integrated and centralised security management

All businesses face a constant cycle of challenges in their lifetime. Since 2020, more challenges have been external and once unprecedented but there are also common internal challenges, like needing to accommodate for growth.

Thanks to advances in technology, businesses have found better ways to adapt to external influences and evolve as they've needed to grow. Nowadays, business functions like sales and operations are aided by smarter systems that are designed to reduce heavy lifting, improve decision-makingand efficiently support workflows.

Let’s look at sales and marketing as an example. Traditionally these teams were siloed and each focused solely on their own workflows. But there have always been important data insights these teams could share to improve the customer journey from start to finish. It wasn’t until the last decade that we’ve really seen the benefits of bringing them together under one ecosystem for managing leads. Now, they can enjoy a deeper understanding of the entire customer journey and streamlined workflows for converting them into leads.

The security systems protecting your business are just the same. They need to be safe, smart, and easy to manage. They must also be adaptable to your business’ needs, with a greater emphasis on serving multiple functions.

This is where an Integrated Security System can exponentially help your business.

How do Integrated Security Systems work?

Integrated Security Systems work by bringing together all your existing security functions - like Intruder AlarmsAccess ControlFire Protection, or CCTV - into one manageable ecosystem. Whether you’re installing completely new security or upgrading specific functions, integration can help you simplify your processes and provide important data to support your business.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of connecting all your security systems, especially when you consider how complicated a single system like CCTV can be. Don’t worry, it can be surprisingly simple, and this is precisely one of the headaches an Integrated Security System can save you in the long run.

There are multiple options as to how your business can integrate its security systems, and it is best to speak to an expert if you want to find out more about it.

With that being said, here are some of the main benefits you could enjoy by connecting all your security systems and managing them all in one place.

What are the benefits of an Integrated Security System?

The core purpose of integrating your security systems is to make it easier to protect your business. But there are some important benefits that an Integrated Security System could provide.

  1. Easy to install 
    There is a common misconception that connecting all your security systems is extremely difficult and expensive. The reality is you don’t always need to upgrade your existing systems to expensive alternatives. When you work with someone like a Securitas Technology Expert, we take care of this process for you and our experts will guide you through every step of the way. As we mentioned earlier, the right option will be based on your unique needs, and your budget is a big part of that.
  2. Easy to use 
    The chances are your business will be running multiple security systems, such as Fire Protection, CCTV, and Intruder Alarms. We know that managing and maintaining these systems can be time-consuming and require considerable effort to fully comprehend. With an Integrated Security System, you can manage everything from one simple dashboard.
  3. Easy to analyse 
    With smarter technology, you can benefit from deeper data-insights that will give you a much better idea of what is always happening in your business. It will also help you to spot trends and patterns that could lead to better decisions being made in the future.
  4. Easy to maintain 
    Part of the job of an Integrated Security System is to help you maintainand minimise downtime in your protection. Not only will your system be monitoring what’s happening in your business, but it will also help identify faults and alert you when your systems need to be maintained. So, you’ll be extending the longevity and reliability of your security – which can help you avoid unnecessary and costly replacements.
  5. Easy to upgrade 
    An Integrated Security System can provide much-needed flexibility to your business security. It makes it easy to change subsystems and add new ones to your security ecosystem. You could even add new buildings with their own security systems and still manage them under the same dashboard.

What is required to achieve your own Integrated Security System?

You now know some of the main benefits an intuitive and fully Integrated Security System can provide to your business. The next step is to understand what you need in order to achieve your own Integrated Security System.

As we’ve said before, you needn’t feel overwhelmed by the idea of bringing your systems together. The best step is to speak to an expert who can talk through your needs and conduct a professional site audit.

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