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Considerations when choosing an access control system

Woman entering building through external door using access control card
Considerations when choosing an access control system

When implementing a new access control system there are several factors to consider that will affect the complexity and cost of the solution.

The questions below will help you to think about what you may need, and our access control team will be happy to discuss these further with you.

In this blog, we will cover:

  • Questions to ask yourself when choosing the right access control system
  • How to select the right access control technology for your business
  • What are the next steps when choosing your access control system?
Woman using biometric access control system
Let’s get started…

What questions to ask when choosing the right access control system?

Woman entering through door access control system

Don’t worry if this list seems overwhelming at first. We are here to help you define the best access control solution for your business that will align with the UK Government coronavirus guidelines and enable you to have a secure, healthy and efficient business.

Selecting the right business access control system

There are many ways that access control can enable your business to operate safely. This includes preventing unauthorised access to specific areas, implementing one-way routes throughout a building, ensuring touchless access and detecting high temperatures and compliance with facemask wearing.

Touchless access control systems

Touchless Access control proximity systems, Bluetooth and biometric and facial recognition can reduce contact and therefore, potential transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Visitors to your business can move through authorised areas on the premises without the need to touch a door or physical keys, and preventing the spread of the virus. 

Temperature and mask screening

Thermal cameras with mask detection software can identify individuals with elevated temperatures who may be carrying COVID-19 and identify those who may not be wearing a mask. Stop and scan or walk through solutions can be quickly installed in key access points to help businesses provide a safe environment for staff, customers or visitors.

Building flow management

Site occupancy management solutions can help maintain a safe volume of people in your business premises, in line with government social distancing policies. Solutions such as PAC access control can be used to control the one-way flow of traffic in your building and control the number of people on-site to help meet social distancing guidelines to limit the spread of coronavirus and other germs.

Remote security management

Solutions such as remote security monitoring and remote gatehouses can enable your business to be securely monitored through the cloud to provide social distancing and support remote working practices. Your business can be monitored 24x7 without the need for on-site security guards or patrols.

Solutions such as Remote Guard combine intercoms, CCTV, access control and security monitoring to remotely perform traditional security tasks such as visitor validation and area lockdowns, while supporting social distancing guidance and reducing the numbers of security staff on site.

What are the next steps when choosing the best access control system for your business?

Securitas Technology offers many different types of access control solutions, tailored to meet your business health and safety needs and budget, for small-to-medium businesses to large multi-national enterprises.

Our access control solution team will be happy to talk you through the options that are best for your business and answer any questions you may have.

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