Video Verification

Remote video-based services to help improve response time, manage false alarms and efficiently perform security tasks.  

Video Monitoring Services to Extend the Reach of Your Security

Video monitoring services from Securitas Technology make it easier for you to deliver security and convenience to your organization. By combining advanced camera analytics or security sensors with the expertise of our monitoring agents, we’re able to help you address the common problems of false alarms and delayed police response. Our agents can quickly identify whether an alarm is valid, and proactively contact the police once the alarm is verified. The result for you is less exposure to both potential fines from false alarms and losses from a real event.  

Beyond that, our monitoring agents can also help you manage your security system monitoring – everything from granting access to a building to virtually escorting someone for added reassurance. It’s active security available 24/7/365. 

By the Numbers

Why Video Verification?


over 98% of alarms are false 


minutes is the average police response time for an unverified alarm


apprehension rates for traditional alarms are less than 1%


Visually Verified Alarms 

Our trained and experienced agents are able to visually confirm an alarm from your intrusion detection or video surveillance system by reviewing video footage. If the alarm is real, the agent will execute your response plan, which can include contacting the police to let them know that the alarm is verified. That increases the odds of quick police response that may help to prevent or reduce losses. 

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Interactive Video Monitoring Services 

Let our monitoring agents assist with routine security tasks, augmenting your on-site security teams. We can securely perform a wide range of services, including: 

  • Granting access after checking credentials  

  • Remote tours and guarding  

  • Safe Escort of an individual on your premises 

  • Safe Guard for an individual in a threatening situation 

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The Advantages of Interactive Video Monitoring Services 

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Why Securitas Technology?

Experts in Video Verification and Remote Monitoring Services 


Our Monitoring Centers employ some of the most skilled and highly trained security experts in the industry, with access to the advanced security monitoring tools needed to effectively monitor all types of security systems. Our unique expertise and commitment to quality are why we’re trusted by industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies and more. 


We’re committed to working with you to meet your specific requirements. Our affordable yet technologically advanced packages can be optimized to the specific needs of your organization. Our packages include the latest technology and 24/7 professional monitoring from our Monitoring Centers. 

Committed to a Unified Ecosystem

Our Monitoring Centers use advanced technology and high-capacity network infrastructure capable of handling millions of communications every week between security panels and the monitoring center. We’re also fully prepared for disaster situations, with redundancy and recovery protocols in place.


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