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Technology from 3xLOGIC Recognized by Industry for Innovation

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The new NVR-1U-8CH is a low-cost, Linux OS based embedded PoE solution which is powered by 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL 12.5 VMS. This solution is getting attention across the industry, including the June 2023 edition of the IFSEC Insider Security Products Round Up. The NVR-1U-8CH SMBK provides superior performance, while offering convenience and cost savings to small and medium businesses across industries, including healthcare, warehouse and distribution and K-12 education.

Read more in this excerpt from the article:

“The company launches with it an NVR-1U-8CH Small and Medium Business Kit (SMBK), which is said to combine video surveillance with ‘ease and affordability’.

The NVR-1U-8CH SMBK features eight IP licenses as standard, according to the company, with the option of four or eight VISIX 4MP VX-SMBK-B-IW mini-bullet or 4MP VX-SMBK-D-IW mini-dome style cameras, or a combination of each, alongside an NVR-1U-8CH.

The VISIX cameras have a rich feature set, designed to be installed in a wide range of areas and climates, while dual streaming allows recording at the highest quality, facilitating live viewing from any location. In addition, with full support for both variable bit rate and variable frame rate, each stream is said to be matched to available bandwidth for optimum image quality.”

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