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Protect staff, visitors, and offenders with integrated and easy-to-use security systems.

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Integrated Prison Security Solution

Securitas SYNTINEL ™ 

Securitas SYNTINEL ™ integrates all of your facility's security systems on one platform for easier management. SYNTINEL ™ is a fully customizable, scalable solution that seamlessly integrates a wide range of products and services to meet your facility's layout and operational needs, including floor plans, transfer of control, and even custom software and features. Each of our modules can stand alone or be integrated into a comprehensive, automated system controlled by a touch screen operator station.


The Advantages of the Securitas SYNTINEL ™ Prison Security System Module

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The Main Components of a Correctional Security System

Modern prison security systems are complex. Each security module described to the right can stand alone or be integrated into one platform. Add-on modules are also an option. 

More Benefits

The Advantages of our Prison Security Systems

  • Seamlessly control multiple systems–manage video surveillance, access control, intercom, duress alarm, analytics software and more in real-time, on a single multi-touch platform.
  • Automate inefficient processes and tasks
  • Increased ability to monitor the correction space–improve overall safety and operational efficiency by viewing your entire facility on one screen. Our HQ Security Management Platform even allows you to control from your phone.
  • Integrated, touchscreen interface–with an easy-to-use interface, new employees can be trained to use our platform in a matter of days.
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Why Securitas Technology?

Experts in Prison Security Integration Systems

Hundreds of Successful Projects

Since 1985, we've been providing non-proprietary, integrated systems to our correctional partners. We’re the industry’s leading provider of electronic security systems for a reason - we’ve successfully completed over 700 correctional projects, and we’re not stopping any time soon. 

Experienced Correctional Engineers

Securitas Technology’s Correctional Group staff's experts in all areas — from sales and service to engineering and management. All of our engineers are trained in the technologies needed for today’s complex correctional security systems for consistent, best-in-class system design.

We're Focused on Meeting Your Needs

Finding the right product for your business requires an in-depth understanding of the needs of your organization. Our security experts will work closely with you to learn your specific requirements and will consider your needs for scalability, functionality, features and any special requirements before proposing the most cost-effective solution. 

Stellar Integrations

Our Corrections team has received a number of awards for the projects we have managed. Most recently, we were recognized as the 2021 SSI Integrated Installation of the Year for our work at the Laurel County Correctional Facility in Kentucky. When it comes to experience and quality, we have a dedicated team ready to tackle and exceed any customer expectations.

I think [Securitas SYNTINEL] is excellent and incredibly user-friendly. [Securitas Technology] was so responsive throughout the entire process, which made everything easier on us and our staff.

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Securitas Technology really blew us away. They are forward-thinking, able to entertain questions and thoughts about future technologies and solutions. This solution has provided peace of mind and accountability.

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