Alarm Monitoring

Get 24/7 security coverage and quick response to alarms with professional monitoring. 

Alarm Monitoring to Help You Manage Your Security

Managing alarms from your security systems can be a challenge. Most alarms are false, eating up your time and resources. But when it’s a real event, you need to know that it will be responded to as quickly as possible. Let Securitas Technology’s Alarm Monitoring services take on the management of your security events to help reduce your exposure to false alarms and increase the likelihood of faster response from the police or other agencies.

When an event occurs, our skilled monitoring professionals will check the situation, and then inform the police if the alarm is real – and that dramatically increases the chances of timely response to reduce potential loss or damage. 

By the Numbers

Alarm Monitoring Key Facts 


Our remote monitoring centers are fully staffed 24/7 


We work 365 days of the year to protect your business 


Our remote alarm monitoring suite includes over 10 services 

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Our Alarm Monitoring Services

Securitas Technology is ready to monitor the full range of security alarm systems, including:

  • Intrusion   

  • Fire & Sprinkler  

  • Audio Verification 

  • Critical Condition Monitoring (Power loss, temperature, CO detection, water detection, industrial processes, etc.) 

  • Elevator/Emergency Phone 

  • Hold-Up/ Panic Alarm 

  • Personal Emergency Response 

I Want To…

Keep Eyes on My Business

Using our comprehensive mobile app, you can view both live and recorded video and audio to see exactly what is happening at your property. When an alarm is triggered, Securitas Technology’s monitoring professionals quickly review your system to verify that a criminal act is in progress, and once verified will notify law enforcement. Emergency responders have been shown to arrive on-scene in a fraction of the time they would take for a non-verified alarm.

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The Advantages of Alarm Monitoring

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Instead of ‘investigating after the fact,’ video gives us the means to catch criminals in the act and reduce costs.

Why Securitas Technology?

Professional Alarm Monitoring to Secure Your Business 

Monitoring Centers of Excellence

Our professional monitoring agents are highly trained, guided by processes and procedures optimized over more than 25 years. With access to advanced security monitoring tools, our specialized agents can effectively monitor all types of security systems. Our unique expertise and commitment to quality are why we’re the trusted security company by organizations of every size -- from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. 


Our Security Monitoring solutions adhere to accrediting and regulatory standards to meet requirements nation-wide, including: 

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 

  • New York City Fire 

  • Factory Mutual / FM Global 

  • SSAE-16 SOC2 Type 2 Certification 


We’re committed to working with you to meet your specific requirements. Our affordable yet technologically advanced packages can be optimized to the specific needs of your organization. Our monitoring plans include the latest technology and 24/7professional monitoring from our Monitoring Centers.


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