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How Security is Powering Safer, Healthier Environments

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How Security is Powering Safer, Healthier Environments

While 20/20 is commonly thought of as normal vision, in the year 2020, the business world’s vision and plans have been anything but that. It’s been challenging for organizations across all verticals to see clearly and plan accordingly, as the only constant this year has been change.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the responsibilities of many workers have shifted, including those who manage a facility’s security. In addition to their traditional focus on catching and reducing theft, controlling employee entry and exit schedules and overseeing the general security of the business, these individuals have also been responsible for managing how (and when) to open, how to operate safely, how to ensure the health and safety of those entering the building and how to enforce social distancing and occupancy levels, among many other responsibilities.

Not only have these changes shifted the traditional role of security personnel, but they’ve also brought new stakeholders to the table when it comes to making these important business decisions. Even as we’ve seen a convergence of physical security and IT in recent years, now we’re seeing a rapid expansion of decision-making power across other key departments, including HR, procurement, EH&S, corporate and social responsibility and more. As the scope and role of “security” transforms from physical and digital security to workplace health and safety, more stakeholders inherently must be involved in this process.

Coupled with that, there’s been a swift acceleration in security innovation, powering organizations’ abilities to create safer, healthier environments for their people. Virtually overnight, the electronic security industry enhanced and developed a variety of solutions that not only help secure assets, properties and people, but also help organizations rethink safety in the workplace.

While a flood of unproven technologies hit the market, many solutions (both new and existing) began to emerge as the frontrunners – helping businesses reinforce new policies, follow recommended health and safety guidelines, reduce costs and build efficiencies at scale. These represent a new suite of solution offerings that are helping organizations create a safer, healthier environment for their people. They include:

  • Advanced screening solutions, including human temperature screening, employee/visitor questionnaires, face mask screening and more
  • Touchless doors and integrated access control
  • Occupancy management
  • Contact tracing
  • Weapons detection and touchless security screening

The real power of these solutions lies in their scalability, integration capabilities, and the workflows and applications behind them that allow for custom configuration and automation of processes and procedures. This is what is truly driving efficiencies for organizations, especially those that have developed new protocols, but don’t have the systems in place (or the bandwidth) to enforce them.

Standalone systems are a relic of the past, and organizations – now more than ever – are seeking comprehensive, integrated solutions. They need automated processes, workflows and system integrations that can help them manage today’s challenges and the burdens placed on them.

With new stakeholders involved in these conversations, it’s never been more important for organizations to align on their vision for the future. How security plays a role in workplace health and safety – and what technologies can help them meet their business needs – must be part of their efforts to both secure their assets and protect their people.

Many businesses are still formulating their plan for handling the changes and challenges they currently face, but partnering with an industry leader like Securitas Technology can help.

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