Interactive Security Monitoring 

Securitas Technology offers a wide range of interactive alarm and video monitoring services to increase the effectiveness of your security and help you better protect your people, property, and assets. 

Why Every Business Needs Monitored Security

24/7 Security

Remote Security Monitoring connects your business to our professional Alarm Response Centres. Giving your premises round the clock coverage, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

100% Fully Managed Business Security

Our Monitored Security service can help offload the management and monitoring of your business security systems. So, you can concentrate on what’s most important, growing your business.

Cost-effective Business Security

Many of the solutions included in our Monitored Security service can help you reduce the cost of on-site guards without compromising on your protection.


Optional CCTV Monitoring Services


Advantages of Monitored Security

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W J Furse & Co.

Our client, a global manufacturer of earthing and lightning protection systems, needed to improve security at two of their manufacturing facilities in the UK where their most valuable assets were kept.
ABB building and parking lot.

Your Environment & Your Geotechnical

Your Environment and Your Geotechnical, an environmental consultancy and geotechnical laboratories company located in the UK, sought out security for their buildings that would be effective and installed quickly as closures began due to COVID-19.
Your Environment sign on brick wall.


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