Improve the protection of patients, residents, staff, visitors and physical assets.

Delivering a Unified Healthcare Security Solution

We know you take patient care seriously, and we do too. With every hospital, clinic and senior care facility, our approach is to deliver a unified healthcare security solution that puts staff and patients at its core. We’ll work with you to design, implement and maintain an integrated security solution and communication system that allows you to focus on what matters most: supporting your caregivers and patients.


Security Challenges Caregivers Face

When it comes to security in the healthcare industry, today’s challenges range from theft to the spread of COVID-19. Mitigating these risks and improving the health and safety of those in hospitals and other facilities requires a comprehensive approach - which is what Securitas Technology can offer you.

Helping Hospitals Stay Prepared

In today’s increasingly unpredictable world, it’s simply not enough to be reactive - we must be predictive of tomorrow’s challenges. It has become more important than ever to be future-focused when it comes to safety. The obstacles faced by hospitals, senior care communities and other healthcare facilities have changed drastically in recent years. They’re evolving every day, and so are we. Whether it’s new problems such as enforcing social distancing guidelines and contact tracing or traditional hurdles such as patient safety, Securitas Technology will be there to help the protectors of our health rise to the occasion. 

Why Securitas Technology?

Bringing Peace of Mind to Your Staff and Patients 

Putting Staff and Patients First

One integrated security ecosystem creates an unprecedented level of visibility, awareness and interoperability for your healthcare providers. Our holistic approach to security within the healthcare environment provides comprehensive tools to improve the protection of patients, residents and staff. 

A Deep Understanding of Healthcare-Specific Needs

With over 50 years of experience securing healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities, we understand the unique challenges and regulations when it comes to your security needs. Securitas Technology offers the most respected brand names in the patient safety and security business, and we know that the right technology is just the beginning of what it takes to build an effective patient safety program. 

Globally Trusted and Recognised

As part of the Securitas family, we offer market-leading solutions for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and senior care industries, including infant security, wander management and real-time location systems. We partner with Securitas Healthcare Solutions and AeroScout to provide the largest range of advanced security solutions to help ensure that you can keep your people safe. 

Protect Your Patients Today