2024 Global Technology Outlook Report

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We're proud to present our 2024 Global Technology Outlook Report, featuring insights, trends, and data on a variety of topics impacting the future of security technology. 

  • Free to download and developed in collaboration with industry-leading security technology experts.
  • Evaluates new technologies, opportunities, and challenges in the electronic security marketplace. 
  • Reveals exclusive survey data from 900 security decision-makers globally for a unique perspective on buying trends. 

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Trending Topics

Our report gives you the inside track on future trends influencing the electronic security market in 2024 and beyond.

Emerging Technologies 

Explore the potential of emerging technologies driving innovation in the industry as security applications become increasingly powerful and versatile. 

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AI and Data Analytics 

Understand the benefits and impact of AI and data analytics, as businesses shift toward a more proactive approach to their security.

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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy 

See how security technology is playing a vital role in helping organizations remain vigilant in an era of rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats.

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Cloud Migration 

Discover the benefits and barriers of cloud migration for commercial security systems, as more and more businesses experience the benefits of cloud computing. 

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Market Insights

Data-driven insights from security decision-makers 


of organization use subscription based electronic security services, e.g. service plans, monitoring, and maintenance


of organizations leverage their electronic security systems to drive operational efficiencies and increased cost savings


of organizations are using security technology for predicting and preventing threats

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