Service & Maintenance

We can design and install a range of systems for intrusion detection, fire detection, access control and video surveillance. For complex facilities we provide cutting-edge integrated solutions.

When you partner with us, no transaction is final. We offer a range of preventative, maintenance, and service plans to keep your security solutions in the best condition. Plus, our monitoring centre will respond immediately to any security threat you might face.

Securitas Technology is proud to offer proven excellence in Five Customer Touchpoints: Installation, Service, Monitoring, Invoicing and Account Management.

Installation and Service

Our highly skilled professionals are ready to handle every stage of your security project from planning, design and right through to installation.


We provide a full range of support services throughout the process, including:

  • System design - we have the expertise to offer full design and integration services
  • Software support - we can manage updates, perform inspections as and when required, and troubleshoot issues
  • Preventative maintenance for security systems - we offer a service plan with a level of support at a price that’s right for you
  • Fire monitoring tests and inspections - our professionals can carry out regular checks and repairs
  • Embedded support - we can place a range of specialists onsite temporarily or permanently to support you.

Maintain your security system with complete confidence

Our new ‘Intelligent Maintenance’ service will provide you with complete confidence that we’re proactively alerting you to any system failures of your equipment, allowing us to action a quicker fix* as part of your maintenance solution.

Our system forms a direct connection with your CCTV or Intruder system to actively monitor its health status providing us notifications of any faults in your equipment.

*Please check your service level contract or discuss this with your account


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