Global Presence, Local Knowledge 

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Providing consistent, specialised support worldwide

A Trusted Partner for Security Around the Globe

Securitas Technology combines the resources, scale and reliability of a global brand, with the accountability, responsiveness and personal touch of a local partner. We help organisations of all types and sizes implement and integrate security solutions for a safer, healthier and more efficient environment.

Multi-site Business Security Services 

Constantly evolving threats, varying safety and security standards and emerging privacy regulations all add to the complexities of managing multi-site security. Securitas Technology can help. Our Global Clients Program helps organisations integrate and maintain a consistent security experience across their entire enterprise. With coverage across six continents, we can support you all over the globe.

Securitas Technology Global Clients Program 

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Security Solutions for Commercial Businesses

From local and regional businesses to corporate campuses and national retail stores, we protect organisations of all types, sizes and varying security risks. Our technology ecosystem includes a wide range of security solutions, remote services and specialised support designed around your unique needs and challenges.

“The strong integrity of the account executives to work with each client to understand their unique circumstances is second to none. Securitas Technology always has our best interest at hand and are mindful of our budget and infrastructure.”


“The partnership we have created with Securitas Technology goes beyond that of just a security provider. Securitas Technology is a true ‘business’ partner.” 


“Our aim is to address the many pain points experienced by global clients. Our centralised approach provides the knowledge, skills and resources they need for their global security program.”

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