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Remote security monitoring - which service is best for my business?

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Remote security monitoring - which service is best for my business?

Which types of remote security services are available?

The types of remote security services available to businesses are;

  • Remote video verification – for reduced false alarms and fast action
  • Remote Camera Activation –  security and surveillance systems for large areas
  • Audio Talk-down – for instant crime prevention
  • Remote Guard Tours – for a low-cost alternative to security patrols
  • Video Safeguard – for lone worker safety
  • STANLEY Guard – a mobile app for cost effective personal safety wherever you are
  • Remote Interactive Response – for replacing manned guards
  • Professional key holding - accredited guards are available 24/7 to handle your activated security alarm. 
Monitoring centre employee uses walkie-talkie

If your business premises are currently closed, or if you have reduced numbers of staff on site, then remote security could be a cost-effective, safe solution to protect your assets and staff.  STANLEY Security offers a comprehensive range of remote security services that can be used to good effect in these troubled times, and may well prove beneficial going forward. 

For reduced false alarms and fast action

Remote Video Verification

Virtually all non-domestic premises have an intruder alarm system.  They are used when the premises are closed and alert you to the presence of an intruder.  However, these systems are prone to false alarms, which are not only an inconvenience every time you have to attend site to check and reset the system, but could threaten your business’s ongoing security.  The ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule applies, whereby if you have three false alarms within a 12-month rolling period, police response will be withdrawn. This has a knock-on effect on your insurance premium and cover.

To combat this, and ensure a fast response if there is a genuine intruder, remote video verification is ideal.  When an intruder detector is activated, the CCTV camera covering that area is also activated and our monitoring team has instant eyes on the scene.  They can determine if the activation is genuine and take appropriate action within seconds.  Your existing CCTV security and surveillance systems can be used in many cases, keeping costs low.

Remote Video Verification

Remote monitoring security footage
Security and surveillance for large areas

Remote Camera Activation

Using the latest CCTV cameras, we can efficiently monitor very large areas by remote camera activation.  Rather than use a separate intruder alarm system, the motion detection is built into the camera analytics.  When motion is detected by the camera, a short video clip is sent to our Monitoring Centre for review and action.  It’s 75% cheaper than using a security guard to cover large areas and considerably quicker.

Audio system mounted on edge of roof
For instant crime prevention

Audio Talk-down

Prevention is better than cure and, with our remote Audio Talk-down service, that’s exactly what you’re getting.  A flexible solution, when a CCTV camera detects motion where there shouldn’t be any, a pre-recorded warning message can be played or operatives from the Monitoring Centre can issue a live warning.  This is a well proven deterrent.

Security footage with red square around person
For a low-cost alternative to security patrols

Remote Guard Tours

Combining CCTV with Audio Talk-down, we can provide the equivalent of a security patrol service without stepping foot on site - ideal security system for remote locations.  Our operatives in the Monitoring Centre use the CCTV system on site to visually patrol a given area and can even talk to people to identify them and confirm if they should be on site.  Up to 80% savings can be made over the cost of an actual on-site manned patrol, plus it’s considerably safer than face to face confrontation.

Female STANLEY Security remote monitoring employee
For lone worker safety

Video Safeguard

Where you have employees either working alone or in high risk/hazardous areas, you need to ensure their safety at all times.  Using CCTV monitoring, with the latest video analytics, we can monitor these employees from our Monitoring Centre and react to any issues immediately.  It provides improved safety and peace of mind all round.

Worker uses phone outside
For cost effective personal safety wherever you are


Also for lone workers, but equally ideal for anyone needing personal safety at work or play at any time, the Stanley Guard smartphone app is a personal alarm safety system in your pocket.  When activated, an alert is sent to our Monitoring Centre with the user’s exact GPS location and live video / audio to enable our operator to review the data to verify the alert and take action.

Stanley Guard comes with a range of additional safety services including a timed alert set by the user, a Man Down alarm and a sound alarm to deter potential attackers. 

Security gate
For replacing manned guards

Remote Interactive Response

By utilising all security on site – intercoms, access control and CCTV – we can effectively take over the duties of some, if not all, manned guards on site.  This could include visitor validation, vehicle access and lock down of specific areas.  Our Monitoring Centre operatives have full control over the security systems and can activate/deactivate any individual elements, directing people or vehicles to specific areas for example.  It’s a round the clock service, plus comes at a far lower cost than employing a team on security guards on site.

Professional keyholder unlocks door
Accredited guards are available 24/7 to handle your activated security alarm.

Professional key holding

Furloughed staff should not attend alarm activations. If your alarm sounds today, send a professional in to handle the situation on your behalf. They are licenced, trained and available around the clock.

Remote security for businesses 

With people’s experience and expectations adapted over recent years, remote safety and security solutions are now becoming the norm.  Not being addressed by a person in the flesh is no longer considered strange or an unwelcoming experience (and in the current crisis is very much appreciated).  What’s more, electronics haven’t removed people from the equation.  There are still real live, walking, talking friendly people managing those services, just not on site: remote, not removed!

As a well-established security company, STANLEY Security has been providing remote security solutions for many years to meet various needs. These include out of business hours security; high security environs where extra precaution is required; coverage for larger, complex sites and remote areas; and for organisations that simply don’t want the cost and distraction of having to manage all their security requirements in house.

Dedicated monitoring centre

Our remote services are all managed through our dedicated Monitoring Centre which is Category 2 NSI Gold Standard BS5979 accredited.  The Centre operates round the clock, 365 days a year and is cyber security compliant, for maximum security.  Whilst the Monitoring Centre uses the very latest technology to minimise risk, we employ a team of trained specialists for decision making; be that to alert an emergency service or even to send someone to site through our keyholder service.

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